GuliKit    Hall Joystick for Joy-Con

Hall Joystick for Joy-Con

●  100% fitable, perfect replacement, drop in with no hassles .

●  Patented Structure Design .

●  Patented Low Power Technology provides only 50% power of original carbon film joystick for more power saving and longer gaming session .

●  Hall sensing contactless mechanism,no wear and tear, anti stick drift and durable .

●  Highly precise response,no carbon film joystick jittering issue .

●  Replaceable stick cap design, easy to change for different stick caps .

If there is drifting issue after new joysticks are installed,this means old joystick had been calibrated and new calibration is needed on new joysticks.
Please Drifting issue can be solved by new calibration as below:


1.Go to Setting in console and make new calibration on joysticks.
2.Next turn Switch off and turn it on. (It's not wake up from sleep)



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