GuliKit    Route+ Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

Route+ Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

First USB C Bluetooth Audio Transmitter,aptX Low Latency,HIFI Audio,Passthrough Charge,Perfect for Switch,Switch Lite

Super Low Latency,HIFI Audio

PD Passthrough Charge

Compatiable with third party protection case

Plug and Play

Battery Free

Compatiable with Switch Lite

Model: USB C Bluetooth Audio Transmitter GB1

Material: PC

Color: Black

Input port:USB Type C

Platforms: Nintendo Switch,Switch Lite,PC

Transmission distance:10m/33 ft

Frequency range:2.402GHZ - 2.480GHZ

Supported Bluetooth: All Bluetooth 5.0, 4.0, 3.0 or 2.1  

Supported protocols:Qualcomm aptX LL,aptX,A2DP,AVRCP,AFH,HFP,HSP

Support Power Role Swap

USB PD Spec Rev2.0 compatible

Support all standard power profiles

Input voltage: 5V/9V/12V/15V

Input current: Max 3.1A

Output voltage: 5V/9V/12V/15V

Output current: Max 3A

Product Size: 47mm x 19mm x 11mm

Product Weight: 7.8g                                                                                         

Package Weight: 102g                                  

Package Size: 111mm X 107mmX 27mm

Packaging: Bluetooth Audio Transmitter*1pcs+Type-c cable dock adapter*1pcs

Certifications: Bluetooth BQB,CE,FCC,RoHS


Frequently Asked Questions


Why can't I use those cheaper 3.5mm jack transmitter? 

Those 3.5mm jack transmitter was made originally to play music on MP3,PC and car stereo much long time ago. It has to work with ADC (analog & digital converter) to convert digital signal from Nintendo Switch to analog signal and transmit to those transmitter through 3.5mm jack,then again convert the analog signal to digital signal before transmitting to headphone.Much sound quality loss and awful latency are produced by multiple conversions.You can imagine this is really bad for gaming.Also a battery is needed inside thus recharging is asked frequently. Besides they look ugly and are inconvenient when attaching Switch.


Can GuliKit Route+ Bluetooth transmitter work with two headphones simultaneously?

Yes. It has the function to work with two paired headphones simultaneously. But essentially Bluetooth itself only works with One-to-one transmission. For One to Two transmittion,Bluetooth itself has to fast switch to transmit the audio to two headphones.Also aptX LL doesn't support two headphones simultaneously.Because of this,problems like audio connection-off,latency may happen during gaming. For game fans, this probably is not acceptable. This is the reason why we don't highlight this function.


In case you want to pair two headphones, just follow below steps.

1)Set first earphone to Bluetooth pairing status

2)Hold the pairing button 4 seconds to connect your first headphone,and connection done once LED turns blinking blue from blinking red & blue.

3)Next set second earphone to Bluetooth pairing status

4)Just press once the pairing button on GuliKit Route+,connection done once LED turns blinking blue from blinking red & blue.

5)Unplug GuliKit Route+ and plug it again.


Does GuliKit Route+ have passthrough charging? Does it charge fast? Will it brick my Switch?

Yes. GuliKit Route+ works to just transmit the PD charging protocol of charger which is plugged to GuliKit Route+ USB Type C female port to  Switch for charging.Therefore no bricking your  Switch as long as you use original charging adapter.Charging is still fast. When you want to update the system of the  Switch, we suggest you use original charging adapter or unplug GuliKit Route+ just for safety.


Does GuliKit Route+ work overheating for passthrough charging?

No.It works with 1.5A passthrough charging while its maximum work current is 3A. It won't work overheating.


Will GuliKit Route+ take much power consumption from Switch?

No. Although it has no battery and uses power from  Switch,it only works with 10mA around and draws less than 1% of power from  Switch which has 4310 mAh power.


Does GuliKit Route+ support Nintendo Switch dock mode?

Yes. A free dock adapter is offered. Just simply connect GuliKit Route+ to the adapter and plug to any one of the USB ports on the  Switch dock. That's it.


Does it work with Nintendo Switch with a third party protective case?

Yes. It's designed specially with the right housing and fits well  Switch with protective case.


Does GuliKit Route+ support in-game voice chat for games like Fortnite?

No.It doesn't support,but our GuliKit Route+ Pro supports in-game voice chat function with microphone.


Is GuliKit Route+ compatible with Switch Lite?

Yes. It is compatible with Switch Lite.

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