Our Experience
At ODM, We Know Custom Design

GULI is a professional manufacturer that designs,manufactures and sells “Fun,Practical and Delicate” mobile phone accessory products such as in-car usb chargers,charging docks,smart phone holders, smart phone car mounts,portable batteries and more.

We offers custom Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) services. This means we not only offer custom branding options for our current product lines, we also offer fully customized solutions from the foundational design onward.

Experience Talks

• Innovation oriented,more than 30 patents owned until now.

• 12-person strong team of designers and engineers with average 8
years for OEM & ODM service.

• The technical know-how that covers a broad spectrum of the charging
Power,Bluetooth,use experience and more.

• Full Service including ID,mechanical design,PCB design,package de-
sign,plastic injection,metal stamping,PCB and PCB assembly,products
housing,testing, certificating,packing,warehousing and logistics.

Your Brand, Your Name

• Multiple style and branding options.

• Custom configurations to match and complement your existing product
lines and solutions

Making Your Job Easier

• We have experienced sales and engineers, so that we can understand
your requirement clearly.

• We have more than 8 years experience and rich resources in dealing
mould factory, so that we can open the mould more effectively.

So work with us, let your job easier.
OEM/ODM Process
Quality & Certifications
Professional Attention ,Choose the right
& quality materials

We have a professional and experienced QC team. We assess, choose, and inspect all incoming
materials and goods from qualified suppliers before we put them on the warehouse shelves.Products
are streamlined into a system and the quality of the products will be double checked.

Besides materials vendors’ performance is strictly monitored and re-audited regularly to make sure
stable quality level and excellent delivery service are met to our standards.

Certificated manufacturing,100% testing

Our products manufacturing has passed ISO9001 quality certification system,ISO14001 environmental management system.Our goals are to provide high quality service to our customers and regulate the internal operation to reach the international enterprise management level.

To further ensure quality, we have more than 63 QC members to carry out strict inspections at each production stage: Incoming Inspection (IQC), In-process Inspection (IPQC) and Final Inspection (FQC).

Our Quality Control team gives your products 100% inspection inside and out, following strict protocols and requirements.We also bring in a line of testing equipment like the Durability testers, high-low temperature testers and more, which allows us to inspect the quality more precisely and meet the standards from different markets like UL, CE,FCC ROHS and so on.

If the product meets our standards, we give it our stamp of approval. It's then ready to be shipped off to you!

Normal inspection : IQC,IPQC,FQC

In-house performance test : Electrical safety,Vibration,Drop,Salty Spray,Burn-in,Durability test,High-low temperature test,Plug test,ESD test and more.

Laboratory Test : EMC,CE,FCC,RoHS,REACH,UL and more.

  • Stress Test

  • Rub Resistance Test

  • Drop Test

  • High & Low Temperature Test

  • ESD Test

    Friction Tape Test

    Friction Tape Test

    Friction Tape Test

Packing Your Products carefully

Our packaging and delivery team run like clockwork, even if we do say so ourselves. Items and the packages are always carefully inspected for any defects before they're shipped off to ensure that the item you receive from the courier is exactly the same inside and out with what you want. Put items into the small box, Pack the big box and tape firmly outside. Next, it's out the door in safe hands with our trusted and verified couriers for long transportation.`

Full Certifications

Every GULI products undergoes an extensive testing and quality control procedure, ensuring every item meets global quality standards: CB, CE, UL, FCC, RoHS,REACH,ISO9001 and more.

Packaging Service

Providing a turn-key service from manufacturing products to shipping shelf-ready retail packs, from the concept stage to packaging design and customized kitting, our team of designers, packaging and supply chain specialists give optimization and competitive support for existing production and new product launch.

We have several key listed vendors for manufacturing packaging when packing design is completed.Just tell us your ideas and we will make it realized for you.

Warehousing & Logistics

With integrated warehousing, packing and shipping facilities, GULI optimizes stock management, ensuring product dispatch is both flexible and competitive. We manage cost effective solutions for production consolidation prior to export in addition to direct shipments to specific business and consumer locations.

1. EXW, FOB, CIF, DDU,DDP,Express export delivery terms available.
2. Professional operation team for warehousing and logistics.
3. Good relation forwarders with best price and excellent performance.
4. Handling of shipping documents.
5. Multiple SKU stock management.
6. Consolidation and groupage of shipments.
7. Short term & long term warehousing.
8. Collection of product from manufacturing site or port.
9. Re-labeling and palletisation.
10.Re-allocation of goods and delivery.
11.Exports and delivery to Shenzhen or Hong Kong forwarder.

Delivery time

Unreachable deliveries mean irresponsibility. When we give a date, we make all efforts to meet. Our production bases with 10,000m2 space and 280 workers ensure the capability to finish your volume orders in time.

At the same time we manage internally to be flexible as we can so that customers urgent needs can also be met for in-time delivery.

We offer 3-7 days for sample delivery, and 25 days average for official orders. Even in case of delivery delay, we make initiative reparation to customers. Customers do not want shipment delay at all,but this is just one small reminder to you that we care on time delivery and you can count on us when you give orders with a time line.
---3-7 days for sample delivery, and 25 days average for official orders
---Deliver in time,or initiative reparation to customers
---Order forecast release preferred to achieve the best price, flexibility and in-time delivery
---Special dedicated production lines privileged for volume delivery
---Quick turn service available for urgent needs

How to start with us
Tell Us About Your Project

You're at the draft stage of your design. Then tell us about your idea and we'll turn it into reality.
Send us your sketches:

• Sketches & drafts, on paper, JPEGs or PDFs
• Technical Drawings
• Concept Drawings

I have a sketch or idea
Submit a 2D or 3D Model draft for the most cost-effective, accurate results.
Trendwoo is equipped with a team of experienced OEM & ODM Specialists who can review your 2D or 3D drawings and help you speed through the process before production. Submitting partially- or fully-completed drawings will not only bring costs down, but also ensure that less information is lost in translation, and that design specifications are as accurate to your custom requirements as possible.
I have a 2D/3D CAD Model
Submit a 2D or 3D Model draft for the most cost-effective, accurate results.
Trendwoo is equipped with a team of experienced OEM & ODM Specialists who can review your 2D or 3D drawings and help you speed through the process before production. Submitting partially- or fully-completed drawings will not only bring costs down, but also ensure that less information is lost in translation, and that design specific
I know what components I want
GULI is fully capable of working with virtually any combination of pre-selected inner components. This approach will not only bring costs down, but speed us past several design specification procedures, and bring us as close to your custom requirements as possible. The more you can tell us, the better we can serve you.
I want to modify a GULI Product
Pick any unit to modify
For quick and easy OEM & ODM solutions, GULI has a wide array of standard products for you to modify, re-configure, rebrand, and send to production at your convenience. This saves not only time and money, but takes you past several validation and designing processes necessary with fully-customized projects.
Keep what you like, drop what you don't.
Each of our standard units can be customized from the top down. Choose what components and features you'd like to keep, and remove those you don't.
Add your logo & rebrand.
Once the inner components are configured to your custom specifications, you can add your logo and brand it with your unique style. We offer several branding services,
• Materials & Styles
• Logo & Labeling
• Faceplate Bezel Design
• Custom Packaging Solutions
Quantity & Pricing
One critical factor in our pricing model is the volume and frequency of your order - the more you can tell us about your plans, the more accurately we can quote you. We make it our business to work with your budget and your specifications to guarantee customer satisfaction. Consider:
• Budget Requirements & Cost Estimates
• Quantities, Volume, & Frequency
• Materials & Availability
• Tooling & Machining Requirements
• Level of Customization