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Interesting places in Shenzhen you may like as a tourist
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The Windows of the World

As to promote the world culture essence as the theme of large-scale cultural tourism scenic area, The Window of the World presents the essence of the world for thousands of years of human civilization.There are historic sites and scenic spots, natural scenery, the world wonders, local-style dwelling houses, sculptures and more than 130 spots, including garden art, folk customs, folk songs and dances, large-scale performances and high-tech participatory entertainment programs.

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Oct East

OCT East is located in Shenzhen east part, mainly including two theme parks, three tourist towns, four resort hotels, two golf courses. Based on "making the city people return to nature", Oct East is a set of ecological tourism, entertainment, leisure, country holiday, outdoor sports, and other topics in an integrated urban mountain theme resort.

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Splendid China

Splendid China is a garden of nearly 100 sites,like a huge map of China,from where you can have a quick learn about Chinese different places with different cultures and people.

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Da Mei sand beach

Da Mei sand beach is located in the beautiful coast of the south China sea, the scenic side of mirs bay. Known as "the Oriental Hawaii", it is a lovely place for fun and relaxing.

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