Fast Charging Cable for Switch
First Fast Charging Cable for Switch,Breathing Light Charging Indication

First Fast Charging Cable for Switch

First exclusive design of fast charging cable for Nintendo Switch. Fully conform to Nintendo Switch charging protocol and delivers Max.1.9A/5V fast charging to Switch,while other cables only deliver less 1.5A/5V to Switch,average 30% faster to save your valued time.

Exclusive Breathing Light Charging Indication

Clear breathing light allows you to know different charging status quickly from cable and experience true fast charging on Switch.

Ultra-durable and Long Lifespan

Solid armor Nylon braided jacket,reinforced cable joint with special Strain Relief design,premium aluminum housing make it anti-twisting,abrasion proof,tangle free,ultra-durable and 10000+bend lifespan.

Safe and Reliable

Extra built-in tantalum capacitor filtering technology for stable charging voltage,solid 23AWG wire core and fully USB Type C PD & QC4.0 compliant technology support safe and reliable charging up to 3A.

USB C Compatibility

Support all USB C compatible phones and tablets.

Support Fast Data Sync Transfer

Support 480Mbps high-speed data sync transfer while charging.

0.6ft & 3.9ft Packs

Two sizes 0.6ft(0.2M) & 3.9ft(1.2M) available


NS10  switch快充 英文转 分解版-01.jpgNS10  switch快充 英文转 分解版-02.jpgNS10  switch快充 英文转 分解版-06.jpgNS10  switch快充 英文转 分解版-07.jpgNS10  switch快充 英文转 分解版-08.jpgNS10  switch快充 英文转 分解版-10.jpgNS10  switch快充 英文转 分解版-12.jpgNS10  switch快充 英文转 分解版-11.jpgNS10  switch快充 英文转 分解版-04.jpgNS10  switch快充 英文转 分解版-13.jpgNS10  switch快充 英文转 分解版-14.jpgNS10  switch快充 英文转 分解版-09.jpgNS10  switch快充 英文转 分解版-15.jpgNS10  switch快充 英文转 分解版-16.jpg