GuliKit Dock Case Kit
Replacement case kit to DIY a mini portable dock for Nintendo Switch

Exclusive Design

This Replacement case is designed to let you DIY a mini portable dock by installing the circuit board of the original Nintendo Switch dock into this replacement case.

Attractive Appearance

Beautiful industry design,precise cutout and much smaller size for super portable use. 

Easier Assembly

Much easier than the other replacement cases assembly. This dock case kit already includes the case with built-in USB C and flexible cable. Only take out the main circuit board from the original Nintendo Switch dock and fast install it into the case by using the included screwdrivers and screws. (You don't need to disassemble the original USB C and flexible cable from the original Switch dock,which is not easy to do and also may get original USB C and flexible cable damaged.)

Enjoy DIY fun

Enjoy much fun by DIY your own mini portable dock with better cooling and anti-scratch quality for your Switch.


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