GuliKit Kingkong Pro
Most Powerful Controller for Switch,Windows and Android

One controller for multi-platforms (Nintendo Switch,Windows,Android).

Dual 32 bit ARM CPU,faster gaming response. 

Built-in acceleration sensor,six axis gyroscope for motion sensing.

Adjustable dual HD vibrations. 

Adjustable buttons for semi-auto and auto rapid fire.

Adjustable hair trigger to greatly reduce trigger travel distance.

Adjustable thumbstick sensitivity.

Special motion sense aim technology,perfect for FPS games.

Special AI Key to learn operations upto 10 minutes and auto gaming,perfect for auto collection of game props,weapons & currency and more playing fun.

Support Amiibo on Switch.

500mAh lithium battery upto 14 hours.

Auto sleep and quick wake.

Thumbsticks with steel ring,more wear-resisting and smooth.

Perfect ergonomic grip feel.

Easy settings all just on controller,no App needed.

Upgradeable controller software.