Why Choose GULI
Customize Products Creatively

12-person R&D team with more than 30 patents, offering ID / mechanical / PCB / package / graphics design according to your needs.

Every Detail Matters

We assess, choose, and inspect all incoming goods before we use in production lines. And each product must undergo 100% strict inspection before delivery. 

We set quality first and care every detail seriously, so our customers can focus on their own sales and profits.

Each Penny Brings Best Outcome

We offer honest and very competitive prices of products plus a good solution and happy service.Customers are happy finally with what they pay because they finally see GULI is a real partner who save lots of troubles,time,cost,hassles and increase their profitability. 

Fast Response

Your inquiries,emails,calls,messages or any other requests are responded within 12 hours.More importantly, when there is a problem, fast response to us means a right solution is made quickly and problems are solved fast and effectively.

On-time Delivery

Unreachable deliveries mean irresponsibility. When we give a date, we make all efforts to meet. Our production bases with 8000m2 space and 280 workers ensure the capability to finish your volume orders in time. 

Creative Service Sells

We believe the problem is the people behind the work.We do not just make products,but with service by hearts from our team.

We provide creative service beyond your expectation which creates more value,solves your pain points or increases your profitability.

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